I am in Milan for the Men’s fashion week and went yesterday evening to a presentation organized at the highest point of Milan, the 31st floor of the ‘Pirellone’, the Pirelli tower. From there, I saw a roof garden which took a nice shape from above. It seems to be a building from the Lombardia region as the trees have the shape of its logo.





As the front door of a Roman palazzo was opened, I entered, hoping to take a glimpse at a beautiful garden. I found a courtyard and statues wrapped to protect them during works. It was not the beautiful garden I was expecting, but it is also quite nice…




I went to see the exhibition dedicated to the artists who lived in Villa Strohl-Fern at the end of the XIXth century and during the first part of the XXth century. If you have the chance to go to Rome, the exhibition lasts until June 17 in the beautiful casino dei Principi in Villa Torlonia.
As I spent many days photographing Villa Strohl-Fern last year for an exhibition, it was great to see paintings and sculptures by Francesco Trombadori, Carlo Socrate, Ercole Drei, Giuseppe Lallich and many others.  Some photos of the artists in the villa and even a film made by the Italian television during the war are also shown.