How do you trim hedges to keep your house from the view of passers-by ?

A few images from  series I am shooting at the moment in Normandy.

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Piazza Vittorio, Rome

July 5, 2012

First shooting early this morning for a project on the garden of Piazza Vittorio in Rome with the neighborhood committee. The 19th century garden, located in a multi-ethnic area of the Esquilino, is a public park where local people spend a lot of time. From Tai-chi in the morning to cinema screening late in the evning, it is always busy.  There is also the magic door, built in the 17th by Marquis of Pietraforte on the site where, according to the legend, an alchemist found the secret for producing gold.

I will go back a few times in the next months to take pictures and shoot a short film about the place.


The Magic Door

I went to see the exhibition dedicated to the artists who lived in Villa Strohl-Fern at the end of the XIXth century and during the first part of the XXth century. If you have the chance to go to Rome, the exhibition lasts until June 17 in the beautiful casino dei Principi in Villa Torlonia.
As I spent many days photographing Villa Strohl-Fern last year for an exhibition, it was great to see paintings and sculptures by Francesco Trombadori, Carlo Socrate, Ercole Drei, Giuseppe Lallich and many others.  Some photos of the artists in the villa and even a film made by the Italian television during the war are also shown.


I spent three days shooting a film on the Bosco della Ragnaia in Tuscany. I shared my time between the Campo (the field) and the Bosco (the wood) and interviewing Sheppard Craige, the American artist who is building this amazing place. Fortunately, the bad weather lasted only one day and overall, I was lucky to get some beautiful images and record peaceful sounds.


A camera set for a time lapse sequence. The placard reads : ” Thanks not to touch me, I am taking pictures. Grazie! ”


Sheppard Craige (L) and I getting ready for an interview


Carrying the equipment around the nine-hectare garden

I spent a few days in the Puglia region, land of extraordinaries centenary olive trees. There are so many that I could spend years taking pictures of them. I was lucky to have an assistant to help me for the night pictures, my friend Bertrand, who was also in holidays in the area. Here are two images of the first shooting session and I will post a few more pictures of the second evening in the next days.



Details of my garden

March 31, 2012

I spent the afternoon in the garden we share with our neigbours in Rome. I like gardens which are a bit wild, especially when they are located in the middle of a big city, giving the idea of being far away from it.