A few pictures of the opening of the exhibition’s opening with the film ‘Robert Droulers, la lumière du nord au sud’ being screened. The exhibition will lasts until October 12 at Galerie Septentrion in Marcq en Bareuil near Lille.






Robert Droulers was a painter of the so-called ‘Groupe de Roubaix’ a group of artists famous in northern France in the 1950/60s. In 1963, he left Roubaix for Murs, in the southern region of  Leburon. He was also a sculptor and a designer. He died 20 years ago and his work is being re-discovered nowadays with an exhibition taking place at the Septentrion gallery in Lille, northern France from September 13 to October 12, 2014.  ‘Robert Droulers, the light from north to south’ is a film I made to be screened during the exhibition. It is not about gardens but very much about landscape…