Details of my garden

March 31, 2012

I spent the afternoon in the garden we share with our neigbours in Rome. I like gardens which are a bit wild, especially when they are located in the middle of a big city, giving the idea of being far away from it.




The Magnolias at Villa Pamphili blossomed. Spring has landed in Rome.

I went yesterday to the Maxxi museum in Rome to see ‘Plegaria Muda’, an installation by Colombian artist Doris Salcedo. Some 120 tables set one upon another with soil in between. Tiny bits of grass grow like escaping from the wood of the tables. A symbol of the story of people who have no voice to speak of their existence and who therefore may appear not to exist at all. The artist was influenced by the murders in her country and in Los Angeles. The exhibition will run through June and I might go back have a look at how the grass will have grown and how the exhibition will have changed with all the green.


A garden photographed in winter with a dull light, a grey sky, when night was almost there. The images don’t show the garden as its best in terms of loveliness, but tell about the mood of the place, a garden where the visitor can explore his inner thoughts…