On the occasion of the Women’s Day, the short film I made on Donatella Trombadori recalling her childhood at Villa Strohl-Fern in the 1930s when the garden was an artists’ colony was shown during an exhibition at Palazzo Farnese, the French embassy in Rome. There were many visitors during the day and it was a great opportunity for me to get a feedback on the film which will be released later this year in a new (still secret) media dedicated to gardens.

farnes 3




A couple weeks ago, I had an opportunity to visit the very private garden of the Order of Malta on the Aventino hill on top of Rome, famous for its view on St Peter’s basilica. Hidden behind big walls, I discovered a place where time and the real world don’t seem to have access…






November 11, 2012

Villa Medici

October 17, 2012

Since the release of the short film I have done on the Bosco della Ragnaia in spring, I have been very busy on quite a few video projects.

I don’t find it easy to switch from video to photo at the same time:  photography is about the instant, the framing, while video is about time and movement. Yesterday, while shooting a video at Villa Medici in Rome, I spent some time taking pictures…


Piazza Vittorio, Rome

July 5, 2012

First shooting early this morning for a project on the garden of Piazza Vittorio in Rome with the neighborhood committee. The 19th century garden, located in a multi-ethnic area of the Esquilino, is a public park where local people spend a lot of time. From Tai-chi in the morning to cinema screening late in the evning, it is always busy.  There is also the magic door, built in the 17th by Marquis of Pietraforte on the site where, according to the legend, an alchemist found the secret for producing gold.

I will go back a few times in the next months to take pictures and shoot a short film about the place.


The Magic Door

As the front door of a Roman palazzo was opened, I entered, hoping to take a glimpse at a beautiful garden. I found a courtyard and statues wrapped to protect them during works. It was not the beautiful garden I was expecting, but it is also quite nice…