What do I like in Roman gardens? I think one thing is the way most of them are Mediterranean, with many palm trees, orange trees…

Walking in Villa Pamphili is always the same and always different, so I would take pictures of the garden everyday without getting bored: Villa Pamphili is a huge place where the city of Florence could fit in!

When riding my scooter back home from Villa Pamphili, I noticed a public garden that I never heard of, where the Institute of German Studies is located. It is quite charming with statues and like many Roman gardens some parts of it would need to be restored.

Villa Pamphili :

The garden of the Institute of German Studies:


Villa Torlonia, Rome

July 19, 2011

No wonder that Rome has the European cities’ highest ratio of green public spaces per capita. After spending the day working on the computer, I went for a walk to Villa Torlonia, one of my favorite public parks, which mixes all styles of architectures, sculptures and trees. From the famous Casa delle Civette to Egyptian obelisks, exotic palaces, huge modern sculptures, Roman temples, olive trees, palm trees, Cypresses, it makes a great park to take a walk, make a nap, bring the dog, take some physical exercise or exchange a kiss…


The flower vendor who sets up his wagon in a street next to my place everyday has very often beautiful flowers. In the morning he stands in one street and in the afternoon, he follows the sun and move at the corner of two other ones. A couple weeks ago, he had nice peonies so I bought two bunches for a studio picture.


8PM in my area.

I saw a beautiful greenhouse in a Pietro Porcinai’s garden at lake Como. I find forgotten greenhouses very touching, maybe because they look like ruins where there was life long time ago. This one is unused but had been maintained very well : it still has its windows, watering cans are displayed on a shelf, plants in pots were left on a table, and a thermometer is still indicating the temperature. But it seems the gardener has left the place for a while…