There are two magnolia trees at the back of Milan’s Duomo. There are beautiful at spring when they blossom but also in winter when their branches melt their shapes with the cathedral.


Gardens at night

February 21, 2011

Gardens are very different at night so I have a project of taking night shots to capture this special feeling. I made some tests yesterday at Villa Borghese with a flashlight. The session was stopped by the rain and I realized that I couldn’t escape the city’s lights with the sky turning orange. I will keep doing more tests and I plan to make a serie of night images of an Italian garden at spring.




When I came back home tonight, I discovered that a film crew was getting ready to shoot scenes of a movie in the garden of the palazzo where I live. They spent the evening recording the same scenes again and again and the light was nice, making big shadows in the alleys, with oranges and clementines becoming nice color dots in the green and the huge palm tree getting even taller with the lighting.







Rainer Maria Rilke lived about a year in Rome in 1903/1904 and spent the winter in a studio at Villa Strohl Fern. I have seen two black and white pictures of him taken there, one with a window and the trees in the background. I think the view didn’t changed much in a century.

In one of the “letters to a young poet”, dated October 1903, he mentions the Villa : “…in a few weeks I will move into a quiet, simple room, an old
 summerhouse, which lies lost deep in a large park, hidden from the city, from its 
noises and incidents. There I will live all winter and enjoy the great silence, 
from which I expect the gift of happy, work-filled hours…”

The studio, located at the back of Villa Strohl Fern is being renovated.

The view from the studio:

And the trees around…