August is the best time in France to see shooting stars. When taking night images in Provence, I was lucky to get one over a Tilleul (Tilia) and another one along an apple tree.  They left a long white line on the picture to bring good luck.


Forgotten greenhouses

August 16, 2011

I discovered a few weeks ago this greenhouse where the owner was growing bonsais. I was told that most of them were sold at an auction after her death a few years ago, but there are two Gingko Biloba and another tree that are still growing  in the greenhouse.



I found this other greenhouse in a garden at Lake Como, built by a wall facing the lake. The structure had been maintained in good condition and it would be easy to put new windows to bring it back to life.


Gates to gardens

August 5, 2011

Entering  a garden through a gate of trees gives the feeling of discovering a secret place.

My friend Yves,  who is doing the cosmomix blog, has sculpted a tunnel in a hedge surrounding a pear tree, to reach his edible garden. Just in front of his house in a remote village of South Burgundy, there is also a path like a green tunnel which leads to a field.