New Year’s Misteltoe

January 29, 2012

I was going to throw the bunch of misteltoe we hung up for the new year’s traditional kiss into the fireplace, but I thought it deserved to be photographed before that. It took very nice yellowish colours and there was a ray of morning sun in the corridor…



I wrote a response to the very interesting articles of Rory Stuart and Charles Hawes on what could be garden photography, which appeared recently on the ThinkinGardens website.

In a very few words, Rory Stuart, a writer and a gardener, wrote that garden photography can’t transmit feelings one can have in a garden and glamourous images don’t say much of a place. Charles Hawes, a photographer, would like to give a more analytic approach of gardens, a more « real » view of places instead of a descriptive and flattering one.  I bring another idea by saying that garden photography could be something else, an interpretation of a photographer looking for the spirit of a place like a portrait photographer look for what is « behind » the face of a person. The garden as a subject, not as an object, garden photography not as a presentation of a place but as a personal view of it.

Here is a link to my article and a few photos as well as an another response published at the same time, by Gary Webb, a gardener.

PS: My blog, Jardinsgardens is one year old TODAY!



I am working with the Association of Italian landscape architects (AIAPP) and they published several pictures I have done in Pietro Porcinai’s gardens in Lombardia in the introduction of the”Architettura del paesaggio in Italia” book they recently released. The AIAPP was founded decades ago by Pietro Porcinai and this book shows the work of the several hundreds’ members of AIAPP. If you are looking for a landscape architect in Italy, this is the book to read!

One quince and two pears from the market. Three grapefruits from my garden.