Orange trees

December 31, 2011

Winter in Rome is about oranges. Orange trees grow in every garden and public park. You can catch a glimpse of them through gates and fences, small trees in pots or big ones with branches full of fruits between pine trees…


My 2011 herbarium

December 20, 2011

When shooting pictures of a garden, I collect leaves to make an herbarium. I am  looking for the leaves I found typical of the place, or fallen ones which get a nice shape and interesting colors. I keep them in a simple drawing book, with the date and place where I got them. Here are a few pages of my 2011 collection.

The heritage group “Associazione Porcinai” held its annual meeting on Saturday in Pietro Porcinai’s studio near Florence. I was invited to show a few pictures and talk about my work.

I met many great historians and architects I didn’t know, the team I worked with on the project of the garden of “La Cupa”, all or them very nice people. The weather was very dull, but in the middle of the afternoon, the sun broke through the clouds. I took advantage of this short time of strong light to catch reflections of trees and the Florence’s landscape on the windows while everyone was listening to the speakers…

I will keep on taking pictures of other Pietro Porcinai’s gardens in team with the “Associazione Porcinai”, which is doing a great work.


Statues at Villa Borghese

December 6, 2011

Autumn’s colors have finally reached Rome. While jogging in Villa Borghese on a rainy day, I made a few stops to take pictures of statues. There was also an art student sat on a bench who looked like one of them…

A cavolo Romano and its marvelous logarithmic spirals. Beautiful and delicious. I couldn’t resist of taking a few pictures before cooking it…