When shooting at the Bosco della Ragnaia two weeks ago, I picked quinces which were on the ground in the campo. I am still searching for the Renaissance paintings’ lights in my pictures of fruits and vegetables.





January 9, 2013

Auguri !  I wish you a happy new year…

I was commissioned to make a second film on the Bosco della Ragnaia during wintertime so I went there last week  to shoot the first sequences. As I was filming very early morning, I took pictures of this series of thoughts engraved by Sheppard Craige in the garden. They might become my motto for the coming year.







A garden photographed in winter with a dull light, a grey sky, when night was almost there. The images don’t show the garden as its best in terms of loveliness, but tell about the mood of the place, a garden where the visitor can explore his inner thoughts…


Heavy snowfalls in Rome have made a lot of damages to gardens. There were many trees which felt down, branches that broke…

In Villa Strohl-Fern, the tunnel of roses collapsed pulling down its columns and needs to be rebuilt. A branch of the cement tree, an art piece of the early 20th century by Baron Strohl had been broken and one of the trunks of the eldest evergreen oak of the garden, which might be 300 years-old, broke and felt on the ground. The tree was already missing one of his trunks and will hopefully survive. It was the first time in 27 years that so much snow felt on the Italian capital and 2012 will sadly remain in the memory of gardeners…

A lemon and an orange

February 14, 2012


Snow was still covering Villa Borghese on the sunny Sunday morning.