Frances Lansing is an American sculptor who designed the sculptures in the Bosco della ragnaia. They are not sculptures displayed in the garden, but they are really part of it. The music was especially done by Minna Orvokki Nygren, a young composer from Finland.  This is the third film I make on this very special place designed by American artist Sheppard Craige and I hope to do more as it is an amazing garden.


Piazza Vittorio, Rome

July 5, 2012

First shooting early this morning for a project on the garden of Piazza Vittorio in Rome with the neighborhood committee. The 19th century garden, located in a multi-ethnic area of the Esquilino, is a public park where local people spend a lot of time. From Tai-chi in the morning to cinema screening late in the evning, it is always busy.  There is also the magic door, built in the 17th by Marquis of Pietraforte on the site where, according to the legend, an alchemist found the secret for producing gold.

I will go back a few times in the next months to take pictures and shoot a short film about the place.


The Magic Door

Heavy snowfalls in Rome have made a lot of damages to gardens. There were many trees which felt down, branches that broke…

In Villa Strohl-Fern, the tunnel of roses collapsed pulling down its columns and needs to be rebuilt. A branch of the cement tree, an art piece of the early 20th century by Baron Strohl had been broken and one of the trunks of the eldest evergreen oak of the garden, which might be 300 years-old, broke and felt on the ground. The tree was already missing one of his trunks and will hopefully survive. It was the first time in 27 years that so much snow felt on the Italian capital and 2012 will sadly remain in the memory of gardeners…

Snow was still covering Villa Borghese on the sunny Sunday morning.


Statues at Villa Borghese

December 6, 2011

Autumn’s colors have finally reached Rome. While jogging in Villa Borghese on a rainy day, I made a few stops to take pictures of statues. There was also an art student sat on a bench who looked like one of them…

Villa Torlonia, Rome

July 19, 2011

No wonder that Rome has the European cities’ highest ratio of green public spaces per capita. After spending the day working on the computer, I went for a walk to Villa Torlonia, one of my favorite public parks, which mixes all styles of architectures, sculptures and trees. From the famous Casa delle Civette to Egyptian obelisks, exotic palaces, huge modern sculptures, Roman temples, olive trees, palm trees, Cypresses, it makes a great park to take a walk, make a nap, bring the dog, take some physical exercise or exchange a kiss…