Happy new year !


I will leave Italy in a few weeks so I am very happy that one of my films on Sheppard Craige’s garden, “winter in the Bosco della Ragnaia”, was shown yesterday at Venice Biennale as part of a conference by Marco Martella, the founder of the ‘Revue Jardins’. The conference was untitled “Lasciarsi al bosco” ‘Indulging to the forest”. 


My second short film on the Bosco, “Winter in the Bosco della Ragania” is online and will be shown shortly on the garden’s website.

Sheppard Craige, the artist building the garden wrote the text and explains some parts of the place, “the center of the universe” and “The tabernacle of the big certainties”.

The ‘Bosco della Ragnaia” is the garden I know the best for having spent days there during different seasons to take images.

I spent three days shooting a film on the Bosco della Ragnaia in Tuscany. I shared my time between the Campo (the field) and the Bosco (the wood) and interviewing Sheppard Craige, the American artist who is building this amazing place. Fortunately, the bad weather lasted only one day and overall, I was lucky to get some beautiful images and record peaceful sounds.


A camera set for a time lapse sequence. The placard reads : ” Thanks not to touch me, I am taking pictures. Grazie! ”


Sheppard Craige (L) and I getting ready for an interview


Carrying the equipment around the nine-hectare garden