Frances Lansing is an American sculptor who designed the sculptures in the Bosco della ragnaia. They are not sculptures displayed in the garden, but they are really part of it. The music was especially done by Minna Orvokki Nygren, a young composer from Finland.  This is the third film I make on this very special place designed by American artist Sheppard Craige and I hope to do more as it is an amazing garden.


If you pass this weekend by Gaillac, in southwestern France, my film ‘The Bosco della Ragnaia”, a garden by US artist Sheppard Craige, will be screened during the ‘Cinefeuille’ garden film festival on Saturday, May 17 in the evening.


I will leave Italy in a few weeks so I am very happy that one of my films on Sheppard Craige’s garden, “winter in the Bosco della Ragnaia”, was shown yesterday at Venice Biennale as part of a conference by Marco Martella, the founder of the ‘Revue Jardins’. The conference was untitled “Lasciarsi al bosco” ‘Indulging to the forest”. 


My second short film on the Bosco, “Winter in the Bosco della Ragania” is online and will be shown shortly on the garden’s website.

Sheppard Craige, the artist building the garden wrote the text and explains some parts of the place, “the center of the universe” and “The tabernacle of the big certainties”.

The ‘Bosco della Ragnaia” is the garden I know the best for having spent days there during different seasons to take images.


January 9, 2013

Auguri !  I wish you a happy new year…

I was commissioned to make a second film on the Bosco della Ragnaia during wintertime so I went there last week  to shoot the first sequences. As I was filming very early morning, I took pictures of this series of thoughts engraved by Sheppard Craige in the garden. They might become my motto for the coming year.