Revue ‘Jardins’

April 11, 2012

I received this morning a copy of the third issue of the Revue ‘Jardins’, founded by Marco Martella. It is a yearly magazine of texts and stories (no pictures!) about gardens, with often famous historians, writers or gardeners taking part.

I was very pleased that Marco Martella asked me to write a story for this third issue with the theme ‘Time’. I wrote a text called ‘Un photographe à la Villa Strohl-Fern’ (A photographer at Villa Strolh-Fern) telling my experience in a garden with a long history but forgotten, and following the footprints of poet Rania Maria Rilke, who spent a year at Villa Strohl-Fern.  The Revue Jardins is published in French by ‘Editions du Sandre’ and distributed by ‘Les Belles Lettres’ in the best bookshops. The official release for this third issue about “Time” is April 25.



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