My article “The garden as a subject, not as an object” on Thinkingardens’ website

January 24, 2012

I wrote a response to the very interesting articles of Rory Stuart and Charles Hawes on what could be garden photography, which appeared recently on the ThinkinGardens website.

In a very few words, Rory Stuart, a writer and a gardener, wrote that garden photography can’t transmit feelings one can have in a garden and glamourous images don’t say much of a place. Charles Hawes, a photographer, would like to give a more analytic approach of gardens, a more « real » view of places instead of a descriptive and flattering one.  I bring another idea by saying that garden photography could be something else, an interpretation of a photographer looking for the spirit of a place like a portrait photographer look for what is « behind » the face of a person. The garden as a subject, not as an object, garden photography not as a presentation of a place but as a personal view of it.

Here is a link to my article and a few photos as well as an another response published at the same time, by Gary Webb, a gardener.

PS: My blog, Jardinsgardens is one year old TODAY!




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