Exhibition at Pietro Porcinai’s ‘La Cupa’ garden in Perugia

June 29, 2011

The exhibition of my pictures on the ‘giardino della Cupa’ in Perugia, Umbria, was taking place yesterday. The opening was scheduled early evening after a day of meetings to present the results of the work by the ‘Associazione Porcinai’. A visit of the place was organized for some 80 people and ended at the exhibition.

I shown the pictures on the Etruscan wall in the garden. It was the first time I was putting my work on a display even older than the Roman empire! Lizards were running around the prints as well as ants and other insects which gave me the feeling that my pictures were welcomed in the garden.

Anna Porcinai, the daughter of Pietro Porcinai was my first visitor and I had also a long chat with a close collaborator of the architect. At the last moment, I was asked to do a speech: I talked about the spirit of the garden which is still there, despite the fact that the place is in a terrible state.

Let’s hope authorities will follow the draft of the Associazione Porcinai’s ‘Laboratorio Cuparella’ to renovate and save the garden…

The gardeners who cut the grass before the exhibition:

Shadows were moving in the afternoon before the show


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