Pietro Porcinai’s studio

May 19, 2011

I am working on a project about Italy’s 20th century most important garden architect, Pietro Porcinai (1910-1986). As part of this project, I went yesterday to take pictures of his studio and archives space which have been preserved by his heirs, on the hills over Florence. Porcinai did not only designed many gardens and public spaces but also made furnitures, and some of them or their models are kept there.

The shape of the building reminds me in a way of the family house of Jean Prouve, the French architect, with a long main room where a rotating panel wall can divide the space (Prouve made a large panel window leading to the garden) and especially the same strong feeling of having the garden entering or being part of the room. Anna, his daughter, told me about the natural air-conditioning Porcinai built using a roof garden and air circulation from under the building. It was decades ago, during a period where not many people were thinking going green.

The view of Florence is reflected in a window of the archives room


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