Bomarzo under the rain

March 17, 2011

I went to Bomarzo yesterday to meet the owners of the “Parco dei mostri” (Monsters’ grove or garden of wonders) to talk about a photographic project I would like to do there. The weather was really bad, grey, rainy, almost winter. I was very curious to see how the garden looks like at that time of the year : the light was very dull but the garden is also mysterious with very few colors except the green of the moss, so I took a few pictures.

If you have never been to Bomarzo, which is near Rome, this is an incredible garden (open to the public all year round), made by Baron Vicino Orsini in the XVIth century. It is very famous for its “mouth of hell” and was re-discovered at the end of the 1930’s by Salvador Dali and the surrealists; I read also that Italian film maker Michelangelo Antonioni made a documentary about it  but I can’t find it  (if someone has got a copy, I am interested…).







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