The view from Rilke’s studio at Villa Strohl Fern

February 3, 2011

Rainer Maria Rilke lived about a year in Rome in 1903/1904 and spent the winter in a studio at Villa Strohl Fern. I have seen two black and white pictures of him taken there, one with a window and the trees in the background. I think the view didn’t changed much in a century.

In one of the “letters to a young poet”, dated October 1903, he mentions the Villa : “…in a few weeks I will move into a quiet, simple room, an old
 summerhouse, which lies lost deep in a large park, hidden from the city, from its 
noises and incidents. There I will live all winter and enjoy the great silence, 
from which I expect the gift of happy, work-filled hours…”

The studio, located at the back of Villa Strohl Fern is being renovated.

The view from the studio:

And the trees around…


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