Renovation of Porcinai’s “Giardino della Cupa”

January 26, 2011

I am following since November the work of the heritage group “Associazione Porcinai” on the 1948’s “Giardino della Cupa” by Pietro Porcinai, probably the most outstanding Italian landscape architect of the 20th century. The public garden, located in Perugia, Umbria, is almost abandoned for years and the “associazione Porcinai” and local authorities are organizing working groups to find a satisfying way for all to renovate it.  It is the first experience of this kind for an Italian garden so I am very happy to take part in it.

La Cupa is a very dark garden (cupo means darkness in Italian), located at the bottom of the Etruscan wall of the city, but has a more sunny side with very old olive trees. Fortunately, some of the original benches as well as a fountain designed by Porcinai have been saved.


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