Villa Strohl Fern

January 25, 2011

First shoot three days ago at the “Villa Strohl Fern” in Rome to prepare an exhibition that will take place in the garden in May.  The villa, part of the “Villa Borghese” was during the early 20th century an important centre for artists for whom Baron Strohl built studios. Given to the French state after Strohl’s death, it now host the Lycee Chateaubriand. I knew the huge place, but this is the first time I could go into the private area at the back of the park, which is abandoned and absolutely incredible with its false grottos and ruins. There is even a concrete tree made by one of the artists… Film maker Vittorio De Sica also used the tennis court for his film “The garden of the Finzi-Continis” in the 1970s.  I will go back for more pictures (with better light I hope) in the next months.


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